Security FAQ

Question: Why do Zoya And Designs not use an SSL encryption?

Answer: I understand your concern for the security of your private information, such as credit cards, etc. Giving my customers a secure shopping environment is my priority, this website is built on the Blogger platform and unfortunately, blogger doesn't support SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on custom domains that don't have a ".blogspot" in their web address.

But this shouldn't affect your shopping experience as the e-commerce features on this website redirect you to Powr, which then redirects you to Paypal (if you pay through Paypal) as soon as you click the checkout button, right before you enter any sensitive information.

This means that all your information is securely transferred through Paypal and hence, this eliminates the need of having an SSL certificate on this website.

Update 14-08-2018: We now have an SSL as Blogger.com now allows for one.

Question: Will you ever consider adding an SSL on your website?

Answer: Yes! Absolutely, it's one of the top things on my list. As soon as blogger enables SSL on custom domains, I will make sure everything is served through SSL.

Update 14-08-2018: We now have an SSL as Blogger.com now allows for one.

Shop FAQ

Question: What is a design concept?

Answer: A concept design is the idea that I draft after a conversation with you about what you want your design to look like. This conversation can be through e-mails, chat sessions and/or calls.

For example: You want a star in your design, and some fonts you like. This is one concept design, if you'd like to do away with this concept or start a new one, you will be charged extra.

Each new concept design is charged at $24.

Question: What are minor revisions?

Answer: Minor revisions are edits such as colour changes, style changes such as borders, etc. 
If you are not sure whether your change constitutes a minor or a major change, you can always send me a message and clarify your doubt.

Question: What if I need more revisions after my free revisions are over?

Answer: I offer unlimited revisions at $9 per revision. 

Question: What if I need a new concept design?

Answer: You can purchase an additional concept design through the shop.

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