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Logo Design

I offer custom logo designs for bloggers, brands and creative business owners. While I love all kinds of graphic design work, I have a special place in my heart for designing logos.

Custom Blog Header

Professional bloggers know the value of a well-made blog header. And I can help you get yours right. While the word blog logo and blog header is often used interchangeably, I believe them to be different from each other. 

Blog headers often have a specific dimension requirement that logos don't have. Blog header go right after or before the navigational menu of a blog depending upon the design of your blog.

Custom Media Kit

Media kits are a great way to compile you blogs' style, and statement along with important stats like readership, following, advertising rates etc. in one place. Often brands and businesses working with bloggers demand for bloggers to send them their media kit. 

A media kit is like the summary of your blog and all other important information presented in a systematic and easily understandable way.

Social Media Graphics

I can help you put your best foot forward with custom social media graphics. Brand your business and blog on social media. 

I offer custom:

  • Facebook Group Cover Photo
  • Facebook Page Cover Photo
  • Twitter Cover Photo

Social Media Templates:

  • Instagram templates
  • Pinterest templates
  • Twitter Templates

Blog Branding Kit

Comes with individual styled elements put together to make a complete blog or website design following a proper branding. 
The branding kit only includes the style elements and a concept of what your website will look like when it's made. 

The branding kit contains:

  • Blog Header
  • Blog Logo
  • Media Kit
  • Matching individual styled elements (example: social media icons, etc.)
  • All Social Media Graphics
  • Business Card Design (optional)

Note: The blog branding kit does not include coding or developing your website. You will need to hire a developer to make your blog or website look like the design in the concept if you don't know how to code yourself.

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