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How To Draw Attention To Specific Areas In Your Blog Post And Make Them Stand Out

draw attentions to areas in your blog post using html and css

As a blogger you pour your heart out into helping your audience, whether it's through fashion and lifestyle tips, organisation, time management and productivity tips, wellness and health tips etc.

And you want to give the most comprehensive and detailed guides to your readers, because that's what you love doing, understandably your blog posts might become longer than expected.

The thing with long blog posts is that while search engines love them, and rightly so, chances are that people (the actual readers on your blog) usually skim through longer blog posts. That is, they read what they think is the most important to them.

As a blogger, you want certain things to be really easy for your audience to do:

  • Follow you on social media
  • Subscribe to your blog's updates
  • Join your email list
  • Share your content with their friends, family and others
  • Be able to easily read content on your blog
  • Navigate around your blog
  • Make purchases (If you sell products etc.)
  • Be able to read about you, who you are etc. 

A well-structured blog post is the difference between mediocre content and good content. So the question is how do you tackle long blog posts? How to highlight certain areas in your blog posts so that your readers never miss important information even if they're just skimming through your content and not reading word by word?

Here's a step-by-step guide on drawing attention to specific, key areas in your blog posts to make them stand out and pop in front of your reader's eyes.

How To Style Your Own Click To Tweet Button For Your Blogger Blog

click to tweet box for your blogger blog

I'm a full-time graphic designer, which means that even in blogging I'm very particular about how I want things to look. I enjoy creating a visual identity for blogs, businesses and brands.

Last year, when I decided to start this blog I wanted to help new bloggers build their online presence, I wanted to offer affordable design services that don't burn a hole in my client's pocket.

After a lot of consideration, weighing the pros and cons I decided that my blog would be hosted on the blogger platform.

It's been quite some time that I've been seeing click to tweet boxes on a lot of blogs powered by self-hosted WordPress. I really love twitter, it's a fun and simple way of keeping up with all the things I love and so I quickly became interested in having a click to tweet box for my blog.

I searched and searched on Google but most of the results were for WordPress users. There was nothing for those on blogger!

I then turned to Facebook groups for help and was met with very off-topic replies, instead of offering me a solution people seemed more interested in convincing me that on blogger I don't own my content, that blogger is not at all customisable and that I can't monetise a blogger blog, all of which I know is not true.

And so I decided to make my own click to tweet box using HTML and CSS. I know there aren't a lot of plugins on Blogger, not many widgets either but that's because most of the things can be accomplished through coding.

Here's how you too can style your own click to tweet box for your blogger blog. I'm giving you a step-by-step detailed guide.

Ten ways to organically build traffic to your blog

camera flowers laptop plant featured image

As a blogger, low pageviews, and traffic can put you in a grumpy mood all day. It can make you feel depressed, leave you sulking and affect your overall happiness.

In fact, in 2012, a report stated that 81% bloggers in the U.S. never make more than $100 from their blogs. I'm sure that number has changed now since the blogging industry is flourishing day in and day out.

It's getting harder to get your blog noticed, in 2016 around 6.7 million people blog on blogging sites and around 12 million blogs via social networks. But the ten techniques I'm going to tell you about will help yu get noticed, and drastically increase your blog traffic.

These techniques are tried and tested, and if you follow them with honesty and determination you will see results. These techniques will really help you build your blog traffic, increase it and retain it.

The Only Guide You'll Need For Choosing The Right Blogging Platform

right blogging platform checklist

At the beginning of 2017, I decided to start my blogging buddy program, a free service that I offer to new bloggers. Because of this service, I get to interact with new bloggers directly and understand the problems they are facing in their blogging journey and provide working solutions to their blogging problems.

Here, I noticed a trend, most bloggers were not happy with the blogging platform they were using!

For months, I wondered why this was happening and then I was able to draw a conclusion; all blogging platforms are not made the same and are not suitable for every blogger. And since all the available advice on the internet on starting a blog is more or less the same, blogger wannabe(s) that don't know much about blogging start to think that the only way to start a blog, and make it profitable is by following a set of standards that everyone else seems to be following.

Today, let me debunk this myth for you. And help you decide on your own, (after comparing all blogging platforms together) that which one will best suit your blogging and/or business interests so that you can save yourself a sorry series of unfortunate events, after finding out the drawbacks of the platform you chose and then feel stuck and overwhelmed — wanting to give up blogging before you even get comfortable with it.

5 Steps To A Well Structured Blog Post

how to write well structured blog posts

Writing blog posts can seem to be a daunting task, especially If you're a new blogger. I've been blogging for almost nine months now, but even before I began writing a single blog post, I was already reading popular blogs such as Problogger, Quicksprout and Social Media Examiner to my advantage.

My decision to start a blog was very well informed. For you, that may or may not be the case. Maybe you've just recently stumbled upon this whole 'blogging as a career' thing, or maybe you just want to try it out in your free time.

Your reason for wanting to start your own blog can be anything. But I'm making an assumption here, for the focus of this post, I'm going to assume:

  • You want to start a blog or already have a blog.
  • You are ready to write your first blog post or are looking to improve the overall quality of your blog post.
  • You want to start in the right direction and set up your blog for success. 
  • You wish to be able to earn part-time/full-time with your blog or get into professional blogging, that is, make blogging your career. 

For any of the mentioned (above) points, you'll need to be able to write well, you will have to write in a way that you are able to convince your readers about your knowledge of the subject in question so that they can trust your views and opinions. 

And for this, you need to be able to write high-quality blog posts, and while a lot of things together make a high-quality blog post there is this one characteristic that is a must, all high-quality blog posts are well structured and have a good flow to them.

What is the most difficult obstacle that you as a new blogger face?

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