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Grammarly Review: A Must Have Tool For Bloggers And Freelance Content Writers

Grammarly Review

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a tool, for writing error-free content. It is a software that you can purchase, as well as use for free

Grammarly's free version checks spellings and many grammar errors, whereas its paid version has added features that check the structure, vocabulary, performs more than 250 grammar checks, proofreads, and has a robust plagiarism checker.

Features Of Grammarly

  • Grammar Checker
  • Corrects Punctuation
  • Checks writing style and structure
  • Proofreading
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Available on Windows, Mac, Microsoft Office and has browser extensions as well.
  • Use British or American English

What makes Grammarly So Good?

Free & Quick Proofreading from Grammarly!

I had been using the free version of Grammarly for some months before I decided to give their premium version a try.

In that year, Grammarly saved me from embarrassing typos, grammar mistakes, and a lot of other errors. Grammarly made my writing experience so much better. I hate "revising" content I've already written, but with Grammarly, I don't have to revise my write-ups as Grammarly does that for me.

Why I fell in love with Grammarly's Premium Version

In my last year of college, (that's when I discovered Grammarly) Grammarly already made completing my assignments easy, and when I decided to become a freelance content writer, I knew I had to have Grammarly at my disposal at all times.

And now, I've decided to get myself the premium version for a whole year (currently I have 30 days of Grammarly premium). Grammarly's has different pricing options, if you buy the annual plan you'll save the most money(It's the plan that I will purchase this time).

So why did I feel the need to have Grammarly's premium version?

As a freelancer, I want to give my best in my work. I like my content to be free from any kinds of errors.  The free version only performs around 100 grammar checks.

Grammarly's Premium version does a lot more! It checked the style and structure of my write-ups, the punctuation, grammar, spelling mistakes, and to top it all it has a very powerful plagiarism checker, which helped me make sure my content was always 100% unique so that my clients could have a good experience while doing business with me.

Which Errors do I make the most?

Over time I was able to identify the mistakes I make the most while writing, this allowed me to brush up my concepts because Grammarly gives explanations to each and every mistake (Grammarly's nice like that).

  • Squinting Modifiers
  • Punctuation Mistakes
  • Wordiness
  • Unclear Antecedents 
  • Unnecessary Ellipsis

Thanks to Grammarly's premium version my final write-ups don't have these errors! 

Who is Grammarly Good For?

I would say, Grammarly is an excellent choice for anyone who writes! But I think it's a must-have for these two:

  • Freelance Content Writers
  • Bloggers

I say these two because if you're a content writer, you know the power of compelling content. You also know that poorly written content with a bunch of spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, punctuation problem does not make any client happy, ever. 

And if you're a blogger, then you probably know why they say content is king, and you also know that good content is free of silly errors. 

Grammarly's Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly also has a plagiarism checker, and did I mention that's amazing? I find myself using it all the time! It's also a very robust plagiarism checker. 

As a blogger, it's a really handy feature. I'll tell you why:

If you regularly accept guest posts or pay content writers to write for you, then you need a plagiarism checker! You don't want to get into legal concerns just because a content writer or the one who guest posted on your blog was feeling a little over-smart. 

Plus, if your content is not free from plagiarism, it's not quality content, now is it?

As for freelance writers, I've had the unfortunate experience of clients being bullies. Just that. Sometimes you'll come across tough-clients. They affect your energy and make you question your credibility when it comes to writing. 

When you know, your content is free from mistakes and errors and is 100% genuine you can be confident about your work. I know that I sleep better knowing my write-ups are the way I intended them to be.

Grammarly is for you... when

Grammarly becomes quintessential when English isn't your native language, but most of the work you do is still in English. 

My native language is not English since I'm an Indian. And wherever I'm lacking, Grammarly has my back! :D

Cons of Grammarly

  • It needs an internet connection to work.
  • Sometimes ellipsis is necessary if you're writing in a conversational manner. 

Do I recommend Grammarly?

Absolutely! Get it. 

Am I getting the premium version?

I'm waiting for my current 30 days premium version to expire and then I'll get my annual premium plan. I would recommend that you sign-up first, wait for some time and see if they are sending you some discounts if they do, take it if you want the premium version. Or If like me you're in dire need of Grammarly all the time, just get the premium version in the first place. :)

My Grammarly Wishlist

Here's what I want Grammarly to add in the future:

  • Editing support for iOS and Android
  • A Grammarly Keyboard for Android and iOS
  • Evernote integration and support

Happy Blogging and Writing!


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