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Book Review: Blogging: Blogging For Profit box Set by Thomas Reed and Nathan Beck

book review

I love reading books, in fact, I'm a bookworm. And I figured that some books would fit to be reviewed here on the blog because it would help you in deciding if you want to buy the book and spend your money on it and if it's even worth your money.

I'll tell you right in the beginning; I liked reading this book, but it didn't teach me anything new. I've been reading many blogging blogs, marketing blogs, and social media blogs, and I'm already familiar with a lot of things in the blogging world.

However, for extremely new bloggers who don't know how to set up a blog or are really new to blogging, this book is a keeper as it properly introduces you to the concept of blogging.

Amazon's description of the book

The Full Name of This Book: Blogging: Blogging For Profit Box Set; Blogging Bonanza For Beginners and Freelance Writing Super Set (blogging for money, how to blog for money, WordPress ... Dummies, WordPress for Beginners Book 1)

Authors: Thomas Reed and Nathan Beck

Description on Amazon: Blogging for profit Beginner's Series Presents…
Blogging for profit Super Success Manual. Yes! Blogging for profit Beginners 2 in 1 Box Set Success Manual.

Today only, get this blogging for profit bestseller for just $2.99, regularly priced at $6.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You Don't Need A Kindle To Read This Incredible New Blogging For Profit Masterpiece.

Learn All The Ins and Outs Of Blogging and Freelance Writing. What if you could turn your pastime passion into a money payday? Giving you the life you’ve always dreamed of. Now’s your chance to cash-in big time with your knowledge, making money, quickly and easily. Look, there are hundreds if not thousands of profitable niches out there that others want to know about.

All you have to is write, plop in some advertising and bam! Instant money! It’s that easy. Well, maybe not that easy but it can be easier than ever before. Find out now with the incredible new book...

Blogging For Profit. This blogging for profit masterpiece is one of the most popular blogging titles on the market today. Everything is laid out in natural fashion so that you can completely change your life for the better, taking you from blogging newbie to seasoned pro and make blogging for profit fun and exciting.

In the first book "Blogging Bonanza" for example, you will get at the nuts and bolts of blogging for profit...
  • Amazing! Every Little Blogging Term Is Explained In Lead-You-By-The-Hand Detail.
  • Revealed! Step-By-Step, Incredible Strategy After Incredible Strategy Is Revealed For You To Successfully Use Right Now Without Money Making Reservations. It's More Like... Blogging Money 101 Will Take You From Wherever You Are On The Blogging Scale Get You Up To Speed Fast!...
  • Uncovered! Little Nuggets of Never Before Revealed Blogging Strategies To Bring You Success Faster.
  • Everything You Need! No Blog Rock Will Be Left Unturned To Bring You Blogging Success Once and For All!
  • Unlock Every Tried and True Technique To Getting Blog Posts To Rank High In The Search Engines Quickly and Easily.

And much, much more!
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Take action today and download this box set for a limited time discount of only $2.99! Download “blogging for profit" and start learning how to blog for money by clicking on the buy with a 1-click button in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

Length: 41 pages

Language: English

Word Wise: Enabled

Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled

Price: $2.78

On Kindle Unlimited: Free

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My Thoughts

Blogging Bonanza

I think this book is perfect for people who are just getting into blogging without any prior knowledge of how to do so. The book sheds light on all things related to blogging as well, but without going into depths at all.

I wouldn’t say that beginners (who already have a little idea about blogging) should expect to learn something new or exciting from this book. But, having said that, for those who don't know about blogging, this should be worth your money.

The Blogging Bonanza covers the blogging part; it gives the reader an idea of how the world of blogging works, what you can expect from it and what you’ll need to succeed in case you’re thinking about blogging as well.

It will tell you the things you need to know the most as a newbie. It will talk about earning from your blog, ways to do so, how a great blog ought to be, but don’t expect any details. Just touching upon different options you have at your disposal and introducing you to the whole idea of how it all works in the blogosphere is what this book will give you.


  • Perfect for those new to the blogosphere.
  • Not good for those who already know about how making money works in the blogging industry.
  • The book introduces its reader to all things related to blogging.

pinnable media

Freelance Writing

This one covers ideas about blogging a little differently. Of course, since it tries to help you find your way through freelance writing. I would say it’s ideal for newbies and beginners, who’re looking to get an idea of the freelance writing world.

I was interested in it because I’d like to be one myself. And I can say I found this book to be valuable to me. It explained the pros and cons of freelance writing and kept reminding its reader at the same time to stay in reality.

Meaning, if you’re not yet earning enough as a free lancer, you shouldn’t quit your 9-5! :D
It also explains about using your blog as an online portfolio, which seemed quite an interesting idea to me. As a freelancer, the options you have are all laid out in front of you in the book. Personally, I enjoyed reading this one a lot.


  • It will serve as a handy resource for both newbies and beginners in the freelancing world.
  • Has some pretty valuable tips to give to the readers.
  • I enjoyed it a bit bore than the blogging bonanza.

Having said all this, I hope my review helps you in deciding whether you’d like to read this box set or not. If you do want to read it, it’s available on Amazon.

Depending on what you prefer more, you may like or dislike any of the two books in this box set.


I think this book is great for those wanting to or thinking about starting a blog with no prior knowledge of doing so. It comes with another book that will teach you about freelancing.

Both the books are a good combo for those that are new to blogging and freelancing, and they'll give you a good understanding of how each works. 

So if you're extremely new, this one will be your introductory handbook.

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