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Which Free Blogging Platform Should I Choose For My Blog: Blogger Versus WordPress

blogger versus wordpres

One of the initial steps, of starting your blogging journey is to start a blog.  

There are options to choose from when you're starting a new blog unless it is self-hosted you'll probably look towards either Wordpress or Blogger.

If you decide to go for a self-hosted blog, then this post is not for you. 

But if like me, you want to opt for free hosting then there are two options for you:

  • Make a blog
  • Make a Blogger blog

Now let's see which platform offers what:

Both give you the freedom to make a free blog (they do add a "" or "" at the end your blog's URL)

wordpres v/s blogger
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For a basic Wordpress blog, you won't be charged anything because it's free.  You can just visit their site and choose to build a blog. 

You will get a domain like: example[.]wordpress[.]com 

It is what they offer with free hosting.

Limitations To Your Wordpress (Free) Account

Wordpress is free, yes. But your basic account will come with restrictions:

  • Only 3GB of space for uploaded files and images.
  • You can not upload themes. 
  • You cannot upload plugins. (Basic and some more plugins are already available)
  • Domain mapping is available but at a price of $13 yearly.
  • Wordpress(.)com has the right to suspend your blog, if you violate their terms of service.
  • They don't allow for you to run ads (meaning, no Adsense, however, if your blog becomes highly popular, you can choose to run WordAds)

Wordpress offers premium services to remove some of these limitations, but they are quite costly.


Blogger, like Wordpress, is free. Similarly, you'll get an example[.]blogspot[.]com domain.

Fortunately, domain mapping on Blogger is free, and that's what I like about it.

Limitations To Your Blogger (Free) Account

  • You get 1GB of space to upload images, but no limitations on storage otherwise.
  • You can only make up to 20 pages.
  • You can make up to 100 blogs in one account. 
  • Blogger has the right to suspend your account if you violate the terms of service.
There are several other limitations, but I don't think they're that important. 

You can run Adsense on your blogger blog without any problems if you've been accepted into the program.

Blogger offers upgrades as well.

Writing Experience

Now, let's talk about the writing experience on each of the platforms since that is what you're going to be doing a lot of when you start blogging.

Basic editing features are available on both platforms, such as fonts, text size, bold, italics, underlined, the colour of the text, linking, adding media, numbered or bulleted lists, quote marks, spell check, etc.

But for some reason, I still liked the Wordpress editor better. It just felt easier to work with. 

That's because Wordpress offers more distraction free writing with a clean user interface. 

I feel, WordPress just does a better job here.


When it comes to customising your blog's look, feel, and designs I prefer Blogger as it's only second to a self-hosted blog regarding customizability options. 

I'm an Etsy shopper, and I've seen such beautifully designed blogger templates for as low as $5 that I couldn't help buy them as they were a steal!

My current design is from Fearne Creative Design an Etsy Shop run by Eve M. the good thing is that she's running a sale and her templates are only $5 for a limited time, and she offers great after-sale support!

You can also buy from Designer Blogs, but they're a little expensive at $15 per template, they offer blogger templates, WordPress templates ($50 and $75), and custom designs. I've been a customer for over a year now, and I love the way they work.

Whereas WordPress has a superb collection of free as well as paid themes, I doubt that you can get them at 'it's-a-steal' prices.

And I just feel that WordPress lacks in customizability.

Plugins offers none. No plugins, except for a few basic features.

Blogger, on the other hand, integrates with a lot of plug-ins and has workaround's as well. Powr has some cool plug-ins, whether it's for social media, running an e-commerce or other things.

When it comes to plug-ins blogger is better as it actually offers some, if not all.

What factors helped me decide?

  • Free domain mapping on Blogger meant I would be able to save money on that.
  • Customizability and Plug-ins on blogger meant I could have a distinct design for my blog for great prices (my blogger template cost only $5, and Etsy has some gorgeous blog headers and logos to choose from, if you're looking for blog headers, visit my shop as well :P)
  • I've always heard people say, "If you want to build a profitable blog, get your own hosting," and I always wondered why people don't think blogger, was good enough, so I wanted to find out for myself.

And if you haven't guessed it yet, my blog is powered by Blogger. And I love the fact that I never have downtime on my blog because it's powered by Blogger.  :D

So which platform did you choose/like? Tell the world! 

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